Our history

Since 1986, we manufacture costume jewelry pieces inspired by antique European jewelry. We believe in the honesty of pure metal, without any additions. This means all of our pieces are made entirely in brass, darkened and aged via our own patina process, which we have perfected through several decades, with the objective to achieve that aged look that defines us.


Nothing in Luis Valencia exists for the sake of it. All of our designs, without being necessarily facsimilies, rest on centuries of iconography, design and history to create pieces with substance and signiicance. To achieve this, we consult period sources, mainly the jewelry which was reached our days, and the art in which it is represented.


For most of our pieces, we work with the venerable finesse of stamping. Many of our pieces are made using original late 19th and early 20th Century machinery and tooling. Some are antique themselves. This is a way of supporting an industry in decline which represents the best of western manufacturing.


Making all of our pieces by hand allows us to take the outmost care in their making, from the choice of stones to the pairing of pearls, all of our processes are done with attention and patience. Before getting to the customer, all of the pieces have been checked and polished by an expert hand with decades of experience.


The metal




The first polish




Final cleaning